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The collector showroom

A merging of the elements.

Arto Cie Gallery strives to create the ideal environment for the confluence of artwork, artist and collector. The private showroom allows the artist and collector to view the artwork in unison and engage in active dialogue. 

Art everyday

At the office. In the lobby. In life.

Arto Cie Gallery believes that art should occupy an integral part of people's everyday life. By deploying a unique leasing system, the gallery offers organizations, companies and individuals the opportunity to display original art in their offices and a variety of public and semi-public spaces.

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Public exhibitions

Expanding the reach of art.

Public spaces, including outdoor locations, have untapped potential for showcasing art. Arto Cie exhibitions are designed to integrate seamlessly within specific public spaces, in both short and long-term display configurations. By engaging audiences on street corners or city squares, art is able to realize one of its truest objectives. 

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