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In Esperanto Means
Art Is Everywhere

We believe art should be everywhere.
To this end, we create art spaces of a different kind. The gallery showcases the artists in diffrent edges. From one side is the private space of the gallery display and on the other side is the special unique exhibitions in public spaces with special meaning with an emphasis on urban spaces for a wide audience of a whole city.

Art is everywhere, that is our vision






Gallery ARTIST

The gallery locates and represents emerging artists with groundbreaking abilities in their fields of art.

The gallery's curatorship is aimed at art that can be displayed in three physical dimensions:

1. A dedicated private space of the gallery where the artist receives the full scope for presenting his works. 

2. A sense of place, an urban public space in which the works integrate as part of the physical dimension of the place and allow the passing audience to experience the art by creating a dialogue that matches the place.

3. Interdisciplinary capabilities of the artist's works to integrate into a digital exhibition space that enables the creation of an art space even in significant outdoor urban spaces such as the street axis and the city square, so that the world of painting is approaching and comparing its display ability to the world of physical sculptures by using interactive digital tools

Wall Street 5 A Jpg L.jpg


Kinetic Art

Arik Talor the gallery entrepreneur is an innovative artist who specializes in creating kinetic art made of composite materials.

His unique artistic creations include interactive kinetic creations in different surfaces that can be displayed on a wall and moved by the art collector in a truly dynamic and engaging way. 




Motifs of movement and nature are a source of inspiration for Zofnat work, and influences from the field of textile design are evident in her work, with vibrant textures and interesting colors.

paint 20180305 rose (7).jpg


Oil And Acrylic On Canvas

Rosemary creates touches of color that float in space, the viewer simulates form and narrative and cannot say whether it is true or just a continuation of his own imagination that was born out of the color creation in her work.

We in the gallery see a clear comparison between Rosemary's paintings and musical works without words, allowing listeners to choose for themselves the location of the work in their personal space

paint 20180503 hagu light  (1).gif


Acrylic On Canvas

Hago is a versatile creator. An architect who builds cities in human space on the one hand, and a painter of human spaces in an imaginary world on the other. Hago's paintings convey a clear story of a place, but with touches of brush and color, and points of view that are not focused or not at eye level, and convey to the viewer a sense of different perspectives, such as a blurred fog screen or a bird's eye view.

This perception of space brings the viewer to a different vision that creates a process of adaptation and thought about the content of the artwork, a reality that is clearly drawn in all its parts but presents different points of thought than we are used to. 

תפר אבן.png

Shlomi Brosh


Shlomi Brosh is a conceptual artist who draws an impression on the material. Brosh act of creation is like an a episodes of observing the materials of reality, land and building, and dubbing the language inherent in them, in a kind of animation. Any plywood, concrete blocks, rusting tin, broken window, may be the bodies he calls them by name, when in an act of minimalist thin drawing he returns and arranges the fragments in a new position. Brosh deals with the traces of things, traces of a presence that was and has passed; His artistic impulse is directed to the question of the representation of existence, he deals with the sediments of presence accumulated within the material and defines them as a language from which he emerges into the metaphysical and the symbolic.

Wall Street 1 B Sim4 Jpg L.jpg

"The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk"

Marcus Tullius Cicero


The Gallery Management company:

Serrenissima Ltd. (Regus Compound)

Via Maggio 1C Lugano CH-6900




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